In 2018, Volunteer Louisiana will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and the legacy of national service and volunteerism in Louisiana.  On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, in conjunction with National Volunteer Week, Volunteer Louisiana and Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser will host the Champions of Service Awards Gala.  Nominations for the Champions of Service Awards have closed.  Stay tuned for an annoucement of the award winners.

    Questions? Contact Kori Chisham: or 225-342-6289 

  • Louisiana Volunteer Service Certificate
    Volunteer Service Certificate: recognizes groups and individual volunteers who serve with distinction and demonstrate excellence. To nominate a volunteer or for more information, contact Kori Chisham; or 225-342-6289
  • Louisiana Volunteer Service Award
    Louisiana Volunteer Service Award: recognizes groups and individuals who serve with distinction, demonstrate excellence, and have contributed 150 or more hours of service in a calendar year. To nominate a volunteer or for more information, contact Kori Chisham; or 225-342-6289
  • Louisiana Community Service Diploma Endorsement
    The Community Service Diploma Endorsement is one of the three types of diploma endorsements that Louisiana high school students may earn upon graduation. For more information, visit
  • Other National Volunteer Service Awards

    In addition to the Volunteer Louisiana awards, there are various types of national volunteer service awards available to recognize individuals and groups:

    The Congressional Award

    The Presidential Volunteer Service Award

    The Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal

    Prudential Spirit Award

    Jefferson Awards



In Lafayette, the University of Louisiana Lafayette AmeriCorps program graduated 30 members. One member, in particular, not only met her year of service requirements for AmeriCorps, she also went above and beyond by volunteering an additional 150 hours. These additional volunteer hours were completed outside of her AmeriCorps responsibilities and on top of her class schedule. In special recognition for this accomplishment, the member, Lauren, was presented with the Louisiana Volunteer Service Award on behalf of the Lt. Governor’s office. That is true dedication to service!