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About Volunteer Louisiana


The mission of Volunteer Louisiana is to build and sustain high quality programs that meet the needs of Louisiana's citizens and promote an ethic of service.


In 1993, Volunteer Louisiana was established in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor to rekindle the spirit of service and citizenship among the citizens of Louisiana. Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser continues the commitment to service in Louisiana. A policy-making body, the Commission serves as the focal point for national service efforts in the state and acts as a clearing-house for national service programs operating in Louisiana.

Volunteer Louisiana receives the funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service, which was established under the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. Volunteer Louisiana awards grants to organizations and schools that foster civic responsibility and provide educational opportunities for those who make a substantial commitment to service.


National service is about getting things done, strengthening our communities, encouraging civic responsibility and expanding opportunity. Members of national service programs engage in sustainable projects that allow them to make fundamental changes in their communities. Programs not only create long-term results; they also rekindle the ethic of citizen service. Members are service pioneers committed to getting things done at the grassroots level and fortifying the ties that bind us together as a national community.

In Partnership with:

Americorps LAVCD Louisiana Travel LANO Corporation for National and Community Service